Media Featuring Carly and Jack on As The World Turns

Clips since June were put on YouTube.
Clips had to be removed from this site.  No links are working unless otherwise indicated.   If there is something you are in need of from the list, please contact the webmaster.


December 2009 - Videos can  be viewed and downloaded HERE. 


November 2009 - Videos can  be viewed and downloaded HERE


October 2009 - Videos can  be viewed and downloaded HERE


September 2009 - Videos can  be viewed and downloaded HERE


August 2009 - Videos can  be viewed and downloaded HERE


July 2009 - Videos can also be viewed and downloaded HERE

7/06/09 - Carly's Wedding Dress  YouTube   Vodka, Vodka Everywhere!  YouTube

7/03/09 - I want to go to camp  YouTube   That's it?  YouTube

7/02/09 - It's a celebration  YouTube


June 2009 - Videos can also be viewed and downloaded HERE

6/26/09 - I'm not drinking YouTube   Rosanna's moving in YouTube

6/25/09 - I'd Like Your Blessing YouTube   I know you've been drinking YouTube

6/22/09 - Marry Me - YouTube   Are you Crazy?  YouTube

6/19/09 - There is a Witness YouTube  Carly's Confession YouTube

6/18/09 - Come for Dinner YouTube  It's Only Flavoring YouTube

6/15/09 - Carly Can't Remember YouTube  Call Me YouTube

6/12/09 - Carly's Bad Day - YouTube  Part 1  Part 2 

6/11/09 - It's business only for Carly and Craig - YouTube

6/10/09 - Prom calls for a drink - YouTube  Part 1   Part 2

6/08/09 - Carly and Rosanna are reunited  - YouTube Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

6/05/09 - Jack's on the case - YouTube 


May 2009

5/29/09 - The drink is from Gus Part 1 zip  What are you doing here? Part 2 zip  I love who you are so much Part 3 zip

5/28/09 - We have a problem Part 1 zip  You wanna sell water? Part 2 zip  You want to hug it out? Part 3 zip

5/27/09 - I'm going to a meeting Part 1 zip  Hi Mom Part 2 zip  Parker stole $300 Part 3 zip  Got yourself a new busboy Part 4 zip

5/22/09 - I wasn't hanging out in a bar Part 1 zip  Promise me you'll get help Part 2 zip  He took the kids to the farm Part 3 zip  I'm trusting you Part 4 zip

5/21/09 - We're taking you to family therapy Part 1 zip  I'm going to need you to walk a straight line Part 2 zip  You're in the system, Carly Part 3 zip

5/18/09 - You're dropping out of school? Part 1 zip  Get your hands off me Part 2 zip  She's upstairs resting  Part 3 zip It's a fluke Part 4 zip

5/15/09 - Where's my car? Part 1 zip  I'm sure he'll understand Part 2 zip  You're fuel to the fire  Part 3 zip

5/14/09 - Bring on the pot roast Part 1 zip  A train wreck waiting to happen Part 2 zip  Parker are you skipping school? Part 3 zip

5/13/09 - Come over for lunch Part 1 zip  We're talking about Lucy Part 2 zip  Looking for Lucy Part 3 zip

5/12/09 - What did your lawyer say? Part 1 zip  What about your daughter? Part 2 zip

5/01/09 - Are you trying to intimidate me? Part 1 zip  He's innocent Part 2 zip


April 2009

4/29/09 - I don't know anything Part 1 zip  You're free to go Part 2 zip It was all a misunderstanding Part 3 zip

4/28/09 - Don't do anything stupid Part 1 zip  It's a sweet ride Part 2 zip This is an official visit Part 3 zip

4/24/09 - That's a good thing, right? Part 1 zip  Don't you walk out on me Part 2 zip  Can I catch a break please Part 3 zip

4/20/09 - This is my barstool Part 1 zip  I messed up again Part 2 zip  This has to stop Part 3 zip

4/17/09 - It's all his fault Part 1 zip  He shouldn't be out there alone Part 2 zip  He doesn't want to come home Part 3 zip  He's at the lowest point of his life  Part 4 zip

4/16/09 - Craig has a plan Part 1 zip  Can I get an interview today? Part 2 zip  What's going on? Part 3 zip

4/13/09 - I'll drink to that Part 1 zip  My son thinks I'm a drunk Part 2 zip

4/10/09 - Craig is right Part 1 zip  Thanks Dad Part 2 zip  Congratulations Liberty Part 3 zip  Dad I need your help Part 4 zip

4/08/09 - I hate to see my kid hurting Part 1 zip  A summer internship Part 2 zip She can go Part 3 zip  Everything is going according to plan Part 4 zip

4/06/09 - You can do whatever you want Part 1 zip  Here's to peace in the family Part 2 zip  Did you see that? Part 3 zip  Don't forget the bottle Part 4 zip

4/03/09 - Craig will never replace you Part 1 zip  We gotta break them up Part 2 zip  Mission accomplished Part 3 zip

4/01/09 - You need to tell whose side you're on Part 1 zip  Where are we going to live? Part 2 zip


March 2009

3/30/09 - I want you out of my bed, out of my house Part 1 zip  We need to talk Part 2 zip  It's dead wrong Part 3 zip  You could've stopped him Part 4 zip

3/27/09 - Forget about Craig and Carly - Part 1 zip  Let's take the party with us Part 2 zip  I'm all for working things out Part 3 zip  You still think of Carly as yours Part 4 zip

3/26/09 - What could go wrong Part 1 zip  I wanted you to tell the truth Part 2 zip  It's a mess Part 3 zip

3/24/09 - I have to find the kids Part 1 zip  We both know what happened Part 2 zip  Jack arrested Parker Part 3 zip  Just fix it Part 4 zip

3/18/09 - How could you do that? Part 1 zip  I'll always love you Part 2 zip  They're at the Lakeview Part 3 zip  I'm losing our little boy Part 4 zip

3/17/09 -  I'm going out Part 1 zip  Marriage without parental consent Part 2 zip  The hell you will Part 3 zip  I have some really bad news Part 4 zip  You two are on your own Part 5 zip

3/03/09 - I knew it was too good to be true Part 1 zip  One for the road Part 2 zip


February 2009

2/20/09 - We're here for our daughter Part 1 zip  What's going on here? Part 2 zip  Mark this day down Part 3 zip

2/17/09 - Then something happened Part 1 zip  Some help from my friends Part 2 zip  There's been a misunderstanding Part 3 zip  You'll have to find a way to work with Carly Part 4 zip

2/16/09 - Fairy tale introduction -  Part 1 zip  Pinocchio - Part 2 zip  Cinderfella Part 3 zip

2/13/09 - Take two aspirin Part 1 zip  There's been a slight change in plans Part 2 zip  She backed out on me Part 3 zip

2/12/09 - A minor setback Part 1 zip  I regret it already Part 2 zip  What was that? Part 3 zip

2/10/09 - Here are tickets to Sage's play Part 1 zip  I need a favor Part 2 zip  This better not take long Part 3 zip  Damn you Part 4 zip

2/09/09 - Happy days are here again Part 1 zip  Deal Part 2 zip I need 2 cabs please Part 3 zip

2/05/09 - How about lunch at the Lakeview? Part 1 zip  Come on out there Part 2 zip  Lunch at the Lakeview Part 3 zip

2/03/09 - Can we go to your house? Part 1 zip  I'm gonna kill you Part 2 zip  Tuck yourself in Part 3 zip  I want you out Part 4 zip


January 2009

1/30/09 - We can't afford it Part 1 zip  Nothing good can come of this Part 2 zip  You don't want Carly with anyone else Part 3 zip  Why are you always defending Craig? Part 4 zip

1/27/09 - I Don't Part 1 zip  He's not worthy of you Part 2 zip You were using me! Part 3 zip

1/26/09 - How about never Part 1 zip  Take your daughter to work day Part 2 zip  We won't stop you Part 3 zip  As ready as I'll ever be Part 4 zip

1/23/09 - Are you marrying him? Part 1 zip  I'll do something myself   Part 2 zip  Why are you marrying him? Part 3 zip  Do you think it worked? Part 4 zip

1/21/09 - It's not easy being alone Part 1 zip  What's love done Part 2 zip  It's complicated Part 3 zip  Don't you ever do that to me again Part 4 zip  You want to bet Part 5 zip

1/19/09 - He's a bad influence Part 1 zip  It's about Craig Montgomery Part 2 zip  Very effective blackmail Part 3 zip  Sure, why not Part 4 zip

1/09/09 - No good can come of this Part 1 zip  Go ahead, tear it up Part 2 zip  Why would I be scared of Craig? Part 3 zip

1/08/09 - I just don't think I can take another loss Part 1 zip  With you there are always strings Part 2 zip

1/07/09 - I need to talk to you about something Part 1 zip  I'll get the money someplace else Part 2 zip

1/02/09 - Is it safe? Part 1 zip  Don't mess with my kids Part 2 zip  Stay the hell away from my kid Part 3 zip