Media Featuring Carly and Jack on As The World Turns

Currently all the clips had to be removed from the site and are offline. No links are working.  I'll be starting to put clips on YouTube, but if there is something you are in need of from the list, please contact the webmaster.


June 2008

6/27/08 - That was homework? Part 1 zip  I didn't tell you to do that Part 2 zip  See you back in the real world Part 3 zip  You got a lot of nerve Part 4 zip  What is going on? Part 5 zip

6/26/08 - He's a good influence on her Part 1 zip  What are you doing here? Part 2 zip  Sage got a standing ovation Part 3 zip  You're not going anywhere  Part 4 zip  You're using me to get my brother's attention Part 5 zip  I'll sleep in my truck Part 6 zip  You're just too fat Part 7 zip

6/23/08 - It must have been cold there in my shadow Part 1 zip What a coincidence Part 2 zip

6/20/08 - There is no us Part 1 zip  How we feel about each other is irrelevant Part 2 zip  Working hard or hardly working? Part 3 zip  Prom night was a long time ago Part 4 zip

6/12/08 - Let's make it a girls trip Part 1 zip  Are we almost there? Part 2 zip  This should be interesting Part 3 zip  We're here together but not together Part 4 zip  Goodnight/Chicken soup for JJ Part 5 zip

6/10/08 - What if this turns into something terrible Part 1 zip  I could wash your back Part 2 zip  

6/09/08 - 101 Ways to Rock a Woman's World Part 1 zip  Is this about that girl Part 2 zip

6/06/08 - I hope you don't mind me being here Part 1 zip   You seem a little distracted Part 2 zip

6/04/08 - I'm responding to a call Part 1 zip  I might have come up with a way Part 2 zip  I was just helping my brother Part 3 zip

6/02/08 - Want another martini? Part 1 zip  Is there something going on between you two? Part 2 zip 


May 2008

5/28/08 - Carly and Holden go for a horseback ride Part 1 zip  Thanks for the ride Part 2 zip

5/27/08 - It's just hitting me Part 1 zip  There is a Snyder afraid of horses Part 2 zip  You're going through hell Part 3 zip

5/23/08 - It's something you need to see Part 1 zip  You helped me out Part 2 zip  What the hell have you done to my family? Part 3 zip

5/22/08 - I'm not gonna fight with you Part 1 zip  You always expect the worst Part 2 zip  I'm gonna help my friends Part 3 zip  Sometimes things just aren't meant to be Part 4 zip

5/20/08 - We are not a couple Part 1 zip  Chaperone the dance? Part 2 zip  A slight change of plans Part 3 zip

5/16/08 - I knew you'd be upset if you found out Part 1 zip  You're thinking about Daddy Part 2 zip

5/14/08 - You're sending me mixed signals Part 1 zip  I told you so Part 2 zip  I'm used to it Part 3 zip

5/13/08 -I  hope this is worth it Part 1 zip  I needed this Part 2 zip  It was all a setup Part 3 zip  Be mad at me Part 4 zip

5/09/08 - I'm gonna have to take a rain check Part 1 zip Are you coming to me for marital advice Part 2 zip  Do what exactly Part 3 zip

5/08/08 -We have everything under control Part 1 zip I'm really okay Part 2 zip

5/07/08 - Parker got big bucks all of a sudden Part 1 zip Does that mean I won't get grounded Part 2 zip  You're a good kid Part 3 zip

5/02/08 - I want to pay my fair share Part 1 zip  I thought we were friends Part 2 zip  I do want you to be happy Part 3 zip

5/01/08 - It's your decision Part 1 zip  I control the radio Part 2 zip School, kids, explain Part 3 zip What is it with us and cars Part 4 zip I'm agreeing with you, Carly Part 5 zip


April 2008

4/29/08 - You should have called Part 1 zip  So now what Part 2 zip  That's precisely what summer camp is for Part 3 zip

4/28/08 - Back when we were a real family Part 1 zip  I'm envious of my son Part 2 zip  Things are going to change   Part 3 zip

4/25/08 - A really big fight Part 1 zip  It was the stupid girl Part 2 zip I am mad at you  Part 3 zip

4/22/08 - I want you out Part 1 zip  How do I do that Part 2 zip

4/21/08 - To old friends and new beginnings Part 1 zip  What the hell is wrong with you? Part 2 zip  Don't dismiss me Part 3 zip

4/17/08 - I get where you're coming from Part 1 zip  Jack and I are over Part 2 zip  We're throwing a dinner party Part 3 zip

4/16/08 - I can't live like this Part 1 zip  Be my guest, he's all yours Part 2 zip  You really understand Part 3 zip

4/15/08 - Parker asked a question Part 1 zip  How are we going to make this work  Part 2 zip  Damn you Jack Snyder  Part 3 zip

4/11/08 - Last night was a mistake Part 1 zip  I just want him to love me Part 2 zip  I give up.  I'm done. Part 3 zip

4/10/08 - To Brad and Katie Part 1 zip   Don't do this if you don't mean it Part 2 zip

4/09/08 - How can I kick this up just a notch? Part 1 zip  I wish you all the best. Part 2 zip   Bring Carly as your date  Part 3 zip   Do you have any plans tonight Carly? Part 4 zip

4/08/08 - Where else would I go  Part 1 zip  Carly and Mike catch up Part 2 zip   Don't wait too long Part 3 zip   You can do better than that Part 4 zip

4/04/08 - Goodbye to Gwen and Will  Part 1 zip  You want to try something new? Part 2 zip  You'll always be beautiful to me Part 3 zip

4/03/08 - What is it about you Snyder men Part 1 zip    You both have to try Part 2 zip   It's just a toaster Part 3 zip 

4/02/08 - It doesn't change anything  Part 1 zip  Katie and I are finished Part 2 zip  You want me as much as I want you Part 3 zip

4/01/08 - Can't we start over   Part 1 zip  Doesn't that count for something   Part 2 zip


March 2008

3/31/08 - We have to talk  Part 1 zip  I don't want to be second best Part 2 zip  Can we try again?  Part 3 zip

3/28/08 - We did it. It's over  Part 1 zip   Figuring out who gets what Part 2 zip  I'd like to help you out Part 3 zip 

3/27/08 - Carly and Jack frantically try to convince Ruby, the homeless woman, to testify as Parker takes the stand in his trial.  Part 1 zip   Part 2 zip   Part 3 zip   Part 4 zip   Part 5 zip   Part 6 zip   Part 7 zip

3/24/08 - Do you remember this woman?   Part 1 zip  Delusional Jack  Part 2 zip  We have absolutely nothing to help our son  Part 3 zip

3/19/08 - Parker's out of time  Part 1 zip  Carly testifies  Part 2 zip  Jack testifies  Part 3 zip  This is just what I needed Part 4 zip

3/18/08 - Carly, it's too damn dangerous  Part 1 zip  I'm really desperate here Part 2 zip  Do you know her?  Part 3 zip

3/17/08 - This could be the breakthrough we need Part 1 zip  I'm just doing what has to be done Part 2 zip  

3/14/08 - Running out of time and options  Part 1 zip  This may be our last chance Part 2 zip  She was wearing a disguise Part 3 zip

3/13/08 - Jack, don't die on me.  Part 1 zip  I'm not going anywhere Part 2 zip   Things just got a lot worse for Parker Part 3 zip   

3/12/08 - Quite a coincidence  Part 1 zip  Officer down  Part 2 zip  Stop or I'll shoot  Part 3 zip

3/07/08 - It scares the hell out of me   Part 1 zip   She's always one step ahead  Part 2 zip   Would you like to join me?  Part 3 zip 

3/06/08 - I need backup  Part 1 zip  No sign of the suspect  Part 2 zip  I really don't want to be alone tonight  Part 3 zip   

3/05/08 - I know you're there  Part 1 zip  You have to ditch the cop  Part 2 zip  Put out an APB  Part 3 zip  Kit, where are you?  Part 4 zip

3/03/08 - Wrong damned blonde  Part 1 zip  I'll stay away from you and your family  Part 2 zip   I won't let anything happen to you  Part 3 zip


February 2008

2/29/08 - Jack okays Carly's plan  Part 1 zip  Parker shot him, but he didn't kill him Part 2 zip  Kit starts to crack  Part 3 zip

2/28/08 - We need more money  Part 1 zip  Henry tries seducing Kit  Part 2 zip  I'll tell her I have proof  Part 3 zip

2/26/08 - Henry wears a wire  Part 1 zip   Is it enough?  Part 2 zip   If that's the case, I quit!  Part 3 zip

2/25/08 - Brad has a plan  Part 1 zip  Stay out of it!  Part 2 zip  Henry has a deal  Part 3 zip

2/22/08 - Gas lighting Kit  Part 1 zip  We can still do this  Part 2 zip

2/21/08 - Jack has a plan  Part 1 zip  Kit's a houseguest  Part 2 zip  Carly's "special" hamburger  Part 3 zip

2/20/08 - Carly's nightmare  Part 1 zip  Who fired a 2nd shot?  Part 2 zip Something doesn't add up  Part 3 zip

2/18/08 - Tried as an adult Part 1 zip  Fleeing the county Part 2 zip  I want to go home  Part 3 zip

2/15/08 - Parker's psych evaluation  Part 1 zip  Carly lashes out at Katie  Part 2 zip  Family prayer  Part 3 zip

2/14/08 - What if Jack hadn't always rescued Carly?  Part 1 zip

2/12/08 - I can't fix this  Part 1 zip  I'm gonna fight this  Part 2 zip  Recreating the scene  Part 3 zip  We both failed Parker  Part 4 zip

2/11/08 - Is he dead?  Part 1 zip  I need you to be brave  Part 2 zip This boy is in serious trouble  Part 3 zip  I'm scared Mom  Part 4 zip

2/08/08 - Something doesn't feel right  Part 1 zip  Nothing will  happen between us  Part 2 zip Sam won't take no for an answer  Part 3 zip

2/06/08 - Cowboy Jack on fire  Part 1 zip  Therapist's advice  Part 2 zip  Carly quits Metro  Part 3 zip

2/05/08 - Sam suggests a road trip  Part 1 zip  Job for Parker  Part 2 zip  Sam is caught  Part 3 zip  Sam is all yours  Part 4 zip

2/01/08 - Sam is fired  Part 1 zip  We have a problem  Part 2 zip  Sam has to stay  Part 3 zip


January 2008

1/31/08 - Kit returns  Part 1 zip  Jack's help  Part 2 zip  Jack questions Emily  Part 3 zip  Parker's warning  Part 4  zip  Parker is missing  Part 5 zip

1/30/08 - Family counseling  Part 1 zip  Jack's anger  Part 2 zip Rosanna's gone  Part 3 zip  Need a friend  Part 4 zip

1/25/08 - I didn't do it  Part 1 zip  Busted - Twice!  Part 2 zip  There's something wrong with Sam  Part 3 zip  Cheering up Carly  Part 4 zip Parker needs help  Part 5 zip

1/24/08 - Co-parenting  Part 1 zip  No heat  Part 2 zip  Brotherly help  Part 3 zip  Beer at Yo's  Part 4 zip  Strange bedfellows  Part 5 zip

1/22/08 - Dinner invitation  Part 1 zip  Family and friends  Part 2 zip Worries about family  Part 3 zip  Sam's ploy  Part 4 zip  Dinner and dancing  Part 5 zip

1/14/08 - Metro was robbed  Part 1 zip  It's a setup  Part 2 zip  Carly confronts Parker  Part 3 zip  Parker's apology  Part 4 zip

1/11/08 - Surprise visit  Part 1 zip  Friendly Advice  Part 2 zip  Dinner time  Part 3 zip  Something about Sam  Part 4 zip  Robbed!  Part 5 zip

1/10/08 - No hot water  Part 1 zip  Jack doesn't deserve you  Part 2 zip

1/09/08 - Parker's grades  Part 1 zip  Tough talk  Part 2 zip  Compromise for the kids  Part 3 zip

1/07/08 - Parker has a plan Part 1 zip  A job for Sam  Part 2 zip  Katie's admission Part 3 zip   It's over Part 4 zip  Carly's roommate Part 5 zip