Media Featuring Carly and Jack on As The World Turns

Currently all the clips had to be removed from the site and are offline. No links are working.  I'll be starting to put clips on YouTube, but if there is something you are in need of from the list, please contact the webmaster.


1999 Media

Special thanks to Dragon Weaver for being so generous and sharing her clips with the Carly and Jack fans!  It is greatly appreciated!

November 1999

11/16/99 - CarJack in the barn Part 1 Zip  Part 2 zip

October 1999

1020/99 - Emma's Birthday Part 1 Zip 

10/6/99 - Hal plays matchmaker Part 1 Zip  Jack sings Ragtime Cowboy Joe Part 2 zip

10/5/99 - Jack saves Carly from the hitman Part 1 Zip 

September 1999

9/29/08 - The Bet Part 1 Zip 

August 1999

8/26/99 - Carly gets a job at Al's Part 1 Zip 

8/25/99 - Carly fantasizes about "Jack" Part 1 Zip 

8/20/99 - Jack bails Carly out Part 1 Zip  Jack and Carly talk at Java Part 2 zip