Media Featuring Carly and Jack on As The World Turns

Currently all the clips had to be removed from the site and are offline. No links are working.  I'll be starting to put clips on YouTube, but if there is something you are in need of from the list, please contact the webmaster.


1998 Media

Some of these clips are quite large.  Scenes ran much longer when these were done.  Please contact the webmaster if you have any problems downloading these.

August/September 1998

David Stenbeck has been presumed dead however he is still very much alive and trying to find Lily.  He has taken Carly and Julia hostage and is trying to get help from his father James.  Meanwhile Jack and Holden are trying to figure out what happened to Samantha and Kirk, unaware about the hostages at the farm.

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February 1998

I'm not sure of the actual airdates in February for these scenes. 

Jack is in the hospital recovering after Teague's cabin.  Jack has rejected Carly's idea of marriage so Carly is preparing to accept Hal's marriage proposal despite loving Jack.  (These scenes took place over 2 shows)

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From his hospital bed Jack tries to help in the search for Holden who is being held captive by James Stenbeck.  In her quest to meet the deadline to have a baby, Carly tries to seduce Hal or to get married immediately.

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