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Welcome to the Fan Fiction

Welcome to the new fan fiction dedicated to Carly Tenney and Jack Snyder, or the super couple known as CarJack!  If you were able to write a story for Carly and Jack, what would it be?  Get creative and share with other CarJack fans!
The old version still exists and will be linked here as the Archive for those that want to read it.  Please post new stories here however.  I am setting this up in a new format that hopefully will work better and make it easier to post a story with multiple chapters  If you have any problems or any suggestions, please contact me.
In order to post on this site you will need to register.  Sorry but your registration from the old site won't automatically work here as I have no way to transger it over.  If you have any problems with registration, please contact me.
Before you make your first post, please read the Posting Tips for some hints to make this simple.
The main thing is let's make this fun!
Authors wanted!