The Love Story of Carly and Jack

2000 Carly kidnapped2000 - It seemed Carly and Jack had finally found the happiness they had so long desired, but that was just not to be.  Danger was lurking in Oakdale and Carly's past was about to come back to haunt her.  After finally getting most of Oakdale do like her, she did the unexplainable to them and made them hate her.  She left Jack standing at the altar!  She said she had been offered a design job in Paris and was going to take her chance at grabbing the "Brass Ring."  In reality a thug named Phillips was forcing her to leave by threatening the lives of Jack and Parker.  She had to leave to protect those she loved the most.

Jack was heartbroken and once again Julia Lindsey was there to pick up the pieces.  While Jack had some doubts about what had happened, Julia convinced him to forget Carly and move on and once again they started a relationship.  In the meantime, Carly was actually being held by Winston Lowe in Hong Kong.  At one time Carly had married him when he offered to get her out of a Hong Kong prison where she had been falsely imprisoned for a crime she did not commit.  Carly tried to get word to Jack to help her but Julia found and destroyed the faxes Carly sent.  Jack and Julia began to have problems due to Jack's insistence on investigating Carly's whereabouts. Jack swore he was pursuing the case like a cop, but Julia was concerned that Jack still had feelings for his ex. Julia became worried, however, when she realized that Carly was with Winston Lowe, who she knows was Carly & Winston Lowedangerous. Carly saw her ticket to freedom when American businessman Craig Montgomery arrived for a meeting with Lowe. They made a deal, but Craig reneged his offer. When Julia faxed Carly that Parker had been in an accident, she was determined to get back to Oakdale. Lowe refused, but in the midst of a heated argument, he died of a heart attack!

Carly returns to OakdaleCarly finally made it back to Oakdale and her son, who was going to recover from the accident.  Jack along with the rest of Oakdale was angry for what Carly had done.  Carly tried to explain her actions.  Jack was furious that she was a bigamist that had still been married to Winston Lowe when she married Hal, John and Brad.  Carly tried to explain that a lawyer told her the marriage had been annulled, but there was no convincing Jack of that and he found her story of the threat against his life and Parker's to be too far fetched.  Jack decided he could no longer be fooled by Carly and this just intensified his relationship with Julia.  Soon they were off to Las Vegas to marry.  With the help of Molly, despite Molly's concerns,Las Vegas Wedding Carly headed to Las Vegas to try to convince Jack that he was making a huge mistake and to give her another chance.  Despite her best efforts, Carly could not get Jack to change his mind.  The wedding took place but the romantic mood was ruined.

Carly and Craig in his sutieAfter returning to Oakdale, Carly was intent on getting custody of Parker again.  To do that though she needed some stability in her life and took Craig up on his offer to move in with him.  Jack began investigating Craig, which brought him to question Carly. With renewed hope that she could win back Jack's love, Carly decided to go undercover to bring down Craig, and work her way into Jack's good graces again. Craig was trying to sell the microchips that were part of the deal he had with Winston Lowe.  Carly agreed to help him but was secretly planning on turning him in to Jack.  The dealHalloween Gala 2000 was to take place at Craig's Halloween Gala and the chips were concealed in earrings that Carly would be wearing.  Working together, Jack and Carly were drawn to one another once again. But Julia fearing that she would lose Jack, had stopped taking her birth control and soon announced that she was pregnant with Jack's baby. Even after Jack discovered that Julia knew all about Winston Lowe, and had in fact told him where Carly was, he still forgave her for the sake of the baby.

Jack putting the wire on Carly2001 - As part of the Montgomery investigation, Carly agreed to wear a wire.  As jack put the wire on Carly in the interrogation room at the OPD, thinks heated up between them and Julia witnessed them kissing. Devastated Julia tipped Craig off to Carly's betrayal, placing her life in danger. Jack came to Carly's rescue. Soon after, Julia lost the baby. Jack admitted to Carly that he still had feelings for her, but he couldn't leave Julia in this state. Frustrated, Carly didn't know if she can wait for him any longer. But neither could fight off their passion, and Jack and Carly started having an affair, which Julia discovered. In her attempt to break them up, Julia killed Carly's horse, Flashdance, which she had inherited from Winston. Jack discovered this and convinced Julia to commit herself for psychiatric help in order to avoid prosecution, and he finally demanded a divorce. Julia tried a suicide attempt in order to gain some attention, knowing it would make Jack stand by her.

Julia continued to manipulate Jack and Carly, including getting Jack to give her Carly's prize, the treasured land he and Carly planned to build their dream house on.  Jack continued to press for a divorce but Julia insisted she would not sign the divorce papers unless Jack took her to Barbara and Craig's wedding, which he reluctantly agreed to do. Moments before the wedding, Craig kissed Carly, something that would later come back to haunt them. Julia announced that she was having herself declared mentally incompetent, and her signature on the divorce papers was not valid.  Jack having reached his limit, picked Julia up and put her in the punch bowl, as Carly watched with pleasure. Jack was still determined to make Carly his wife, and Julia vowed revenge on both of them. Jack and Carly moved in together, but Carly's business relationship with Craig caused tension between them.

Craig's trialWhile Jack was trying to end things with her once and for all with Julia, she overheard his phone call with Barbara, and mistook Barbara for Carly.  Barbara had learned that Craig was embezzling money from her and wanted Jack's help. Julia called Owen, a fellow psychiatric patient, and ordered him to blow up the boathouse. Craig was put on trial, and Carly was also implicated in the crime, with a picture of that kiss she exchanged with Craig in front of the Lakeview on Barbara and Craig's wedding day coming back to haunt her. Near the end of the trial, Julia made one last-ditch effort to kill Carly.Quicksand 2001 Jack arrived in the nick of time to save Carly from being drowned in quicksand on the razed Carly's Prize. After the ordeal, Jack and Carly decided they needed some time apart and went their separate ways. Carly moved to Chicago in the hopes of jump starting her design career there.

Carly was soon back in Oakdale, being romanced by Craig and secretly designing for Paul at BRO.  Barbara had been severely burned in the explosion at the boathouse and besides becoming a recluse, she had lost her creative ability.  Paul approached Carly to help design the line for BRO. Carly was there for Craig when he lost his son Bryant, and they grew closer.

Carly designed the spring line for BRO, which turned out to be a big success. Barbara discovered that Carly was behind the designs and was outraged. She made a scene at the big New York City fashion show, but it turned out to be a night of glory for Carly. Jack, who had encouraged Paul to give Carly the credit she deserved, looked on as Craig and Carly toasted her success. In the aftermath of her success, Paul wanted to make Carly a partner in BRO, but she decided to take an offer to work with designer Rimbaud in Paris. Jack confessed that he still cared for her before she left, and they made plans to meet on New Year's Eve when she returned. But Carly was unaware that her trip to Paris was the work of James Stenbeck, who had plotted to kidnap Emily, Rose and Carly to ingratiate himself with Barbara!

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