Media Featuring Carly and Jack on As The World Turns

Currently all the clips had to be removed from the site and are offline. No links are working.  I'll be starting to put clips on YouTube, but if there is something you are in need of from the list, please contact the webmaster.


December 2008

12/24/08 - Does the reindeer make me look fat? Part 1 zip  What are you doing? Part 2 zip  What happened at Carly's? Part 3 zip  Things are definitely not the same Part 4 zip

12/12/08 - It can never happen again Part 1 zip  Do it for the kids Part 2 zip  The wedding Part 3 zip  I'll always love you Part 4 zip

12/11/08 - Let the parties begin Part 1 zip  Let's trade bedroom stories Part 2 zip  Dance with me Part 3 zip  Do you still love me? Part 4 zip

12/10/08 - Twice in one day Part 1 zip  Stupid Saint Carly Part 2 zip  It's really happening Part 3 zip

12/09/08 - I want to take out a 2nd mortgage Part 1 zip  Now you have gone too far Part 2 zip  Are you out of your mind Part 3 zip

12/04/08 - What the heck happened Part 1 zip Have you completely lost your mind Part 2 zip  He doesn't know what he's doing Part 3 zip

12/02/08 - We only have to come up with $10,000 Part 1 zip  About that check Part 2 zip  It's about JJ's boarding school Part 3 zip


November 2008

11/25/08 - I don't think you should take Sage Part 1 zip  What are you doing here Part 2 zip  Look who's here Part 3 zip  I've accepted it Part 4 zip

11/20/08 - You're not my daughter's family Part 1 zip  It's not my idea Part 2 zip  How do I stop this Part 3 zip  Did she ever hit you? Part 4 zip  I'm sorry Part 5 zip

11/19/08 - It's not about Janet and Jack Part 1 zip  Do you need a drink? Part 2 zip  I want to believe my daughter Part 3 zip

11/18/08 - Where are they Part 1 zip  It's not a threat Part 2 zip  I've come here to apologize Part 3 zip

11/14/08 - What if you're wrong Part 1 zip  You're starting a war Part 2 zip  You've been served Part 3 zip

11/11/08 - Pigs in the treetops Part 1 zip Janet hit me Part 2 zip  I want her arrested Part 3 zip  Just a slap Part 4 zip

11/05/08 - You didn't answer the question Part 1 zip  It doesn't matter whose idea it was Part 2 zip  Walk away Bitch! Part 3 zip  To failed relationships Part 4 zip


October 2008

10/31/08 - Do I have to? Part 1 zip  We're not doing this here Part 2 zip  You're losing your kids Part 3 zip

10/29/08 - Why are you letting this happen Part 1 zip  I know you're upset Part 2 zip  I don't believe you Part 3 zip

10/27/08 - Did you change your mind Part 1 zip

10/24/08 - I know what you're suggesting Part 1 zip  You remember my proposals Part 2 zip  It's coming back to me Part 3 zip  What do you want Part 4 zip  I need you Part 5 zip

10/23/08 - You do know what women want Part 1 zip  You can change that Part 2 zip  Are you okay? Part 3 zip  She's the un-Carly Part 4 zip

10/22/08 - You okay? Part 1 zip  Thank God the M word hasn't come up Part 2 zip  I wish you hadn't said that Part 3 zip  I may never be ready Part 4 zip

10/21/08 - This is the last time I'm asking Part 1 zip  I'll let you figure that out Part 2 zip

10/17/08 - I want to talk to you Part 1 zip  It's not your job anymore Part 2 zip  Does it hurt? Part 3 zip

10/16/08 - I want to be honest with you Part 1 zip  I was already there Part 2 zip  The truth is out Part 3 zip  Want a cookie? Part 4 zip We're not together Part 5 zip

10/14/08 - You sound like me Part 1 zip  My lifeguard days are over Part 2 zip  Is it Jack? Part 3 zip  Is this really what we want Part 4 zip

10/07/08 - I thought you liked Janet Part 1 zip  Sometimes temptation is a good thing Part 2 zip  What did Janet do Part 3 zip  It's too late Part 4 zip

10/03/08 - I probably shouldn't be here Part 1 zip  It's not my job anymore Part 2 zip

10/02/08 - Is there something going on? Part 1 zip  I need a dress Part 2 zip  I hate what I did Part 3 zip  Twice in one day Part 4 zip

10/01/08- I love you  Part 1 zip  Something happened Part 2 zip  What happened to Carly? Part 3 zip


September 2008

9/30/08 - Something's off Part 1 zip  You saved my life Part 2 zip

9/29/08 - Text message from Meg Part 1 zip  It's a trap Part 2 zip

9/26/08 - More headaches for Jack Part 1 zip  Don't do that for me Part 2 zip

9/25/08 - Tell me what normal is Part 1 zip  Stay away from my family Part 2 zip  You sounded bummed out on the phone Part 3 zip

9/24/08 - You always knew how to shut me up - Part 1 zip  We still make a good team Part 2 zip

9/23/08 - I have a right to know Part 1 zip  New beginnings and endings Part 2 zip  You win Part 3 zip

9/22/08 - I know you can make the best of it Part 1 zip  Derek may be our only chance Part 2 zip  It's your lucky day Part 3 zip

9/18/08 - I don't belong here Part 1 zip  You can almost feel the heat Part 2 zip

9/17/08 - Holden attempts to rescue Ethan Part 1 zip  Holden is rescued Part 2 zip  I really think this could help Part 3 zip

9/16/08 - Carly and Jack find Ethan Part 1 zip  Carly gives Emma the news Part 2 zip  Prayers for Ethan Part 3 zip

9/15/08 - Jack Resigns  Part 1 zip  Jack shares the news Part 2 zip  Ethan is missing Part 3 zip

9/12/08 - I'm looking for Jack Part 1 zip  Breakfast at Yo's Part 2 zip  The evidence is gone Part 3 zip

9/11/08 - The evidence is missing Part 1 zip  Carly's on the case Part 2 zip

9/10/08 - It wouldn't be appropriate Part 1 zip  Love-In-Idleness Part 2 zip

9/09/08 - We got some new evidence Part 1 zip  What do you expect me to do Part 2 zip  It's over Part 3 zip

9/04/08 - Be careful keeping secrets Part 1 zip  I came out here to think Part 2 zip  Leo doesn't remember anything Part 3 zip

9/02/08 - You are 100% right Part 1 zip  Parker, this is over Part 2 zip  I need your help Part 3 zip

August 2008

8/29/08 - Parker is innocent Part 1 zip  It wasn't Parker Part 2 zip  Parker's in the clear Part 3 zip

8/28/08 - It ain't easy being alone Part 1 zip  He's going to pay for what he did Part 2 zip

8/27/08 - Nobody is going anywhere Part 1 zip  He deserves better than what I gave him Part 2 zip  She does have interesting taste Part 3 zip

8/25/08 - Holden is all yours Part 1 zip  Worst date ever Part 2 zip Ain't this something Part 3 zip  It is real Part 4 zip

8/22/08 - We're going to the carwash Part 1 zip  Liberty's right you know Part 2 zip Janet knows what she's doing Part 3 zip

8/20/08 - Parker's missing Part 1 zip  This was your idea? Part 2 zip    Is there a full moon? Part 3 zip

8/15/08 - What just happened? Part 1 zip  Parker's probably at home Part 2 zip  Parker's with Liberty? Part 3 zip  This has to end Part 4 zip

8/14/08 - Let's go get our son Part 1 zip  You're very desirable, Carly Part 2 zip  We never did enough talking Part 3 zip

8/13/08 - Now about lunch at the Lakeview Part 1 zip  Your Play Date Part 2 zip  We can't help each other right now Part 3 zip

8/08/08 - Would you try again Part 1 zip  I did it for Emma Part 2 zip

8/07/08 - Leave me out of it Part 1 zip  I need your help Part 2 zip

8/06/08 - What is the right way Part 1 zip  We're all in agreement Part 2 zip  It's not all Carly's fault Part 3 zip

8/05/08 - You need to stay out of this Part 1 zip  Liberty is gone Part 2 zip   They spotted your car Part 3 zip

8/04/08 -  I believe him Part 1 zip  I know we see things differently Part 2 zip

July 2008

7/31/08 - Something is going on with Parker Part 1 zip  It can't happen again Part 2 zip I was just dropping Sage off Part 3 zip You've been beaten up enough Part 4 zip

7/30/08 - I'll notice Part 1 zip  I'm really disappointed in you Parker Part 2 zip  You make me sick Part 3 zip  Sometimes we do things that don't make any sense Part 4 zip

7/29/08 - I think you know what I'm talking about Part 1 zip  It's all under control Part 2 zip  Why would you think I hate you? Part 3 zip  Why is she here Jack? Part 4 zip

7/25/08 - I need you to come over Part 1 zip  We are not working together on anything Part 2 zip  He's just a kid Part 3 zip  I didn't expect to see you here Part 4 zip

7/24/08 - You wanna go fishing? Part 1 zip  Snyder, Ciccone, Other room Part 2 zip  I just came here to talk Part 3 zip It's best this way Part 4 zip

7/22/08- How could you do it? Part 1 zip  I want to talk to you about Holden Part 2 zip  The affair is over Part 3 zip

7/18/08 - I wanted to kill her Part 1 zip  Have Carly and Holden tell you Part 2 zip  So how did this thing with Holden start? Part 3 zip

7/17/08 - It was no big deal Part 1 zip I'm going to do the right thing Part 2 zip I can't take this Part 3 zip  You told Lily? Part 4 zip

7/16/08 - You have to stop this Part 1 zip  I won't be that woman Part 2 zip  You deserve better Part 3 zip

7/14/08 - It suddenly got chilly in here Part 1 zip  I'll stay with Parker Part 2 zip  Are you jealous? Part 3 zip

7/11/08 - Pie and sex/Dinner plans Part 1 zip  We can't do this dinner Part 2 zip You slept with Janet Part 3 zip  Awkward! Part 4 zip  Come to Paris with me Part 5 zip  Come home with me Part 6 zip

7/10/08 - I want to report a murder Part 1 zip  That's not gonna happen Part 2 zip  You're under arrest Part 3 zip

7/08/08 - Who the hell are you? Part 1 zip  Bully, bully, bully for him Part 2  zip  You don't really have a say Part 3 zip 

7/07/08 - Did your Dad call? Part 1 zip  There are limits now we're divorced Part 2 zip  You're nice and charming Part 3 zip  Turns out I am single Part 4zip

7/04/08 - Some cameras were stolen Part 1 zip  I need your help Part 2 zip  What'ya say we retrieve that picnic basket Part 3 zip  

7/03/08 - Is it too late to change my mind?  Part 1 zip  Where's the boyfriend? Part 2 zip  I was headed to the store Part 3 zip