The Snyder Kids

Parker Munson owes his existence to a deal his mother Carly Tenney made with his aunt Rosanna. Rosanna informed Carly that she would provide a $50 million trust fund for her child, provided Carly was married to the father and that father was not Mike Kasnoff. Eventually she gave it a deadline, and the baby had to be born before 1999. Carly had fallen in love with Jack Snyder but due to an injury, he would not be able to get her pregnant in time. So feeling pressured, Carly seduced lonely Detective Hal Munson and convinced him to marry her. When she didn’t seem to be getting pregnant Carly sought the help of Dr. John Dixon with artificial insemination. Her marriage to Hal ended soon, as he realized she was still in love with Jack.  Carly then married John when she learned he had used his own sperm for the insemination and she believed he was the father.  John was looking for a replacement for the baby he had lost.  Miraculously Carly gave birth to a baby boy on New Year's Eve, mere minutes before the deadline ended. Parker Joe was born in the Milltown home of Jack Snyder. John named the baby Parker after his mother's maiden name. Before long the truth came out that Hal was the father after all and Carly lost custody to Hal temporarily.

Allie GorencIn the fall of 2002, Carly was finally able to marry her soul mate, Jack Snyder. Unfortunately that marriage was not to last long and Jack left Carly. What drove them apart was the one night stand Carly had with Mike Kasnoff, the night before their wedding.  Jack had called the wedding off and too much champagne led Carly to seek comfort from Mike.   Eventually Jack realized he wanted to be with Carly anyhow and would love the child just as much even if the baby wasn’t his.  Carly headed to Montana to be alone and Jack followed her and was there to deliver their daughter Sage.  Just as Carly and Jack reunited, the divorce papers arrived.  In July of 2003, Jack and Carly remarried in a beautiful ceremony in Montana.  Carly gave Jack the news that Sage was his daughter following the ceremony.

Daniel MancheTragedy struck a year later when Jack was presumed dead when his car went over a bridge. Everyone except Parker thought Jack had died.  Parker's faith was contagious and Carly came to believe it too. With Parker’s help, Carly was able to locate Jack and eventually the pair reunited when Jack's memory returned. While Jack was suffering with amnesia he had become close with a nurse, Julia Larrabee and her son JJ (James Joseph.He thought of JJ as his own son.  After reuniting with Carly he stayed close to JJ.  A few months later however Julia was killed by her ex-husband.  JJ came to live with the Snyders and eventually Carly and Jack adopted him and think of JJ as their own son.

In the fall of 2007, Jack and the kids were horrified to learn that Carly was dying.  While Carly’s relationship with all of them was on rocky grounds after leaving early that year, they all realized what she meant to them when they thought she was dying. Though Parker offered to use his trust fund to help her, Carly urged him to accept the fact that she was not going to make it. With Carly’s urging and blessing, Parker expressed a desire to have Jack adopt him. After learning that Carly had been misdiagnosed, and was going to be fine, Parker still wanted to be adopted by Jack.  In December 2007, Parker Munson became Parker Snyder.


The Actors:

Parker Munson Snyder:

Justin Weiss (January 1999)
Cole Kachelhoffer (1999 to Summer 2004)
Giovani Cimmino (August 2004 to November 13th, 2006)
Mick Hazen (December 22nd, 2006 to Present)

Sage Snyder:

Camryn Rose DeRoche (2003)
Bianca Pagona (2004)
Colleen Feehan (2004 to 2005)
Elle Sauli (2006)
Allie Gorenc (late 2006 to Present)

J.J. Larrabee Snyder:

Dylan Denton (2004 to 2006)
Daniel Manche (late 2006 to Present)


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